About us
    SC SPIACT CRAIOVA SA is a company operating in the field of railway industrial production, equipment, centralization and remote control, whose products, services and works are designed mainly for the railway infrastructure. SPIACT Craiova - signaling Producer over 50 years in service of railway safety.


Our mission is to offer security in railway transport by producing supervision and tracking equipment for train, which correspond to the compulsory standards of circulation on the railway track, also in the respect of protecting the environment.


The borders disappear, technologies constantly change and market standards rise. Trough all of those changes, SPIACT is reassessing its state of position, switching from producer of railway equipment to supplyer of systems and subsystems compatible with European standards.


    1923: Founded the first repair workshop for railway products

    1974: Making the first point machine in SPIACT

    2003: SPIACT becomes a privately owned company



 References products:

    2006: SPIACT signed with SIEMENS the first contract involving the non-metallic boxes.

    2010: Signing a contract with Railway Infrastructure Manager regarding a new control system for point machines.

    2011: SPIACT signed a contract with IMSAT GROUPE SNEF regarding AC motor point machines on Pan European Corridor IV .

 References services/works:

    2012: Signing of a contract with Railway Infrastructure Manager regarding repair and upgrading for point machines .

 Projects in progress:

    2013: SPIACT signed with IMPRESSA PIZZAROTTI a contract involving the execution works for powered and telecommunications installations on Pan European Corridor IV;

    2015: Signing a contract with Alstom Transport regarding point machines and other railway equipment on Pan European Corridor IV;

    2017: SPIACT signed with SIEMENS contracts involving the execution signaling works for project 'Siculeni Adjud' and execution works for illuminated heads of CF stations and energy supply on sections 2a, 2b Curtici Simeria -Pan European Corridor IV B.

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