Field of use:

Static contactors are used to transmit time codes to the track circuits in the electrodynamic centralization and automatic line block installations.

Technical-constructive parameters:

• The static contactors have the role of circuit breakers for the supply voltage of the track circuits at a maximum current of 10 A, with the variation of the control voltage between 160-240 V. The switching is ensured by a group of two thyristors controlled in d.c.
The voltage drop in the “connected” state is less than 1.2 V in the case of the static contactor and 2.5 V in the case of the static contactor with protection;

• The maximum residual current in the “disconnected” state is less than 10 mA;
• At the static contactor with protection there is a protection circuit at the breakthrough of the thyristors which becomes active against the accidental overvoltages that appear from the load;
• Overcurrent protection is achieved by a 10 A CFR plug type fuse, for both static contactors;
• It is connected in the installation by means of a detachable strip;
• Identical overall dimensions: 240 x 185 x 190 mm;
• Mass: CS approx. 4.2 kg;
• CSP approx. 6.4 kg;