• external centralization installations
• installations of automatic line block (BLA), integrated automatic line block (BLAI), simplified automatic line block (BLAS) and semi-automatic line block with relays (BLSAR)
• automatic level crossing signaling installations (BAT and SAT)
• installations for automatic train speed control and hitchhiking and ETCS / ERTMS – Eurobalize
• electrical installations for melting snow and ice
• machining and automation installations for sorting humps (MACT)
• electromechanical centralization (EMC) installations
• locking and locking systems (SBW)
• installations for electrical control of station lines (CELS)
• insurance installations with mechanical panels (TM)

Types of construction-assembly and repair works:

• installation and adjustment of electromechanical mechanisms for track and shoe changers, mobile heart, position detectors
• mounting, wiring, connection to the cable network, adjustment and measurements of light signals
• establishing the location, installation and supply of the external equipment of the track circuits (pickets with transceivers, coils and ropes, sparks)
• realization of the cable network (external and internal, plugs and cable ends)
• installation of maneuvering columns, track inductors, Eurobalises, BAT-SAT installations
• mounting, wiring, equipping outdoor cabinets with appliances
• installation of control devices of combined type and with light scheme
• installation of frames, stands and cabinets for indoor appliances
• installation of frames, stands and cabinets for electronic centralization installations, ETCS / ERTMS
• installation of distribution frames
• connection to power supplies for indoor and outdoor equipment
• mounting the wheel sensor on the rail and the axle detector on the rail
• installation of connection boxes and electrical resistors for switch heaters
• installation of pickets, distributors and earthing sockets
• checks of the locking program
• installation of switching handling and locking devices at the centralization installations


• current repairs to SCB installations and cable repairs for sections CT1, CT2 Craiova, CT2 Pitestit
• repair of the mobile beams of the bridge over the Danube
• Pan-European Corridor IV, Vintu de Jos Coslariu section

os Coslariu