Field of Use:

Device frames are used in block signaling-centralization installations for mounting and supporting the device. The frames are composed of metal frame, sockets, strips, false laces and wiring.

Construction types:

• fixed relay frame;
• reduced relay frame size;
• combined frames;
• food frames;
• filter frames fitted on one side or on both sides;
• transmitter relay frame;
Maximum voltage at 220 V terminals
• Overall dimensions: 2800 x 900 x 375 mm;

Strips with elastic clamps:

They are used instead of strips and terminal boards with screws.

Technical-constructive parameters:

• Rated voltage: 600 V or 800 V;
• Breakthrough voltage: 6 KV-8 KV;
• Rated currents: 20 A- 70 A;
• Cable sections: 0.5 mm -16 mm;
• Number of terminals: 2 – 48;
• Terminal type: with 1/1 or 2/1 separation or without separation. The strips with elastic clamps fall into the UL 94-VO flammability class (do not burn, do not maintain combustion, do not drop hot drops).

Terminal strip 36

Field of use:

The strips are used to equip the frames

Technical-constructive parameters:

• The strip is equipped with 36 terminals (clamps).
• 2 cables with the same potential of 2 maximum 2.5 mm can be connected on each terminal;
• Rated voltage: 600 V;
• Rated current: 24 A;
• Breakthrough voltage: 6 KV;
• The strips are resistant to shocks and vibrations;
• The degree of flammability is UL-94-VO (does not burn, does not maintain combustion, does not drop hot drops);
• It is mounted on the rail TS 15;
• The strip has a small size (approx. 60% of the classic strip).