Field of application:

The type B rail filter is used in signaling, centralization and block installations, on electrified lines, in the reception diagrams of track circuits in 75 Hz.

The track filter protects the track relay in pulses from the frequency of the traction current, or from other disturbing currents.

It has a low attenuation on the frequency of 75 Hz and a high attenuation on the frequency of 50 Hz, as well as on the superior harmonics of the traction current. The track filter allows the tuning of the internal circuits with the help of medium sockets, with approx. 2 Hz around the carrier, to obtain a bandwidth large enough for control pulses with a sufficiently low repetition rate.

A shock coil is connected to the output terminals to limit voltages above 12 V.
• Overall dimensions: 295 x 192 x 158 mm.
• Mass: approx. 8.5 Kg.