Field of use:


EM-5 / EM-5R switch electromechanisms are used in SCB installations, having the following functions:

• ensures in extreme positions the gluing and fixing of the counter-needle;
• ensures the control of the extreme positions of the switch needles;
• ensures the stroke of 220 ± 5 mm;
• it is of non-heeling or heeling type and can be used for both single and double junction switches;
• EM-5 / EM-5R electromechanics can be operated electrically from a central or manual station by means of a crank.

Technical-functional parameters:

Construction types: EM-5, without gearbox and EM-5R, with gearbox;
The EM-5 / EM-5R switch electromechanisms have a cast iron box, provided with a cover for the protection of the rack and the control lines;
• Drive motor: EMM-0.55 type, series excitation, nominal voltage 100 V, speed 720 rpm, P = 270 ± 10% W;
• Friction coupling allows adjustment: up to 4250 N ± 250 N for EM-5R, from 1000 N to 2500 N for EM-5;
• Maximum heeling force: 15000 N, without causing self-heeling;
• Normal operating mode

– for EM-5R

Rack Load [N] Voltage[V] Maximum current absorbed[A] t< 200 ms Maximum operating time[seconds]
no load 100 1,6 2,1
4500 100 5 5
– for EM-5