Adjustable bar set and support – type T

Adjustable bar set and support – type P

Connecting elements for switching electromechanism

• Bolt for pin fixer / pin switch

Single junction bar sets (adjustable) and electromechanical support

These types of adjustable bars make the connection between the EM-5 switch electromechanism and the switch pins at the single track changer.
The support on which the switch electromechanism is fixed offers the possibility of fixing it firmly to the track changer.
From a constructive point of view, single junction adjustable bar gaskets are made up of:
• Pull bar;
• Short control bar;
• Long control bar.
The bar adjustment system is secured against vibration during operation shocks. It allows adjustment in the +/- 40 mm range.
The support of the switch electromechanism allows its mounting both on the right and on the left of the track changer.


The set of bar switches is used in SCB installations, it connects the EM-5 / EM-5R with the switches for the double track changer.

The set of adjustable bars and the support are made in two constructive variants as follows:

• type T for placing the electromechanism on long sleepers
• type P for placing the electromechanism in the console and fastening it to the metal plates

Codificarea produselor:

• pentru bare reglabile

Codificare Masa
SBR-SJ-T-EM5 34,2 Kg +/- 5%
SBR-SJ-P-EM5 45,5 Kg +/- 5%

• pentru suport

Codificare Masa
SBR-SJ-T-EM5 80,6 Kg +/- 5%
SBR-SJ-P-EM5 125,7 Kg +/- 5%


• the set of bars is delivered accompanied by the necessary bolts and securing elements
• the electromechanical support is delivered accompanied by the assembly parts for assembly and fixing
• for maintenance, an accessory kit is available which includes: fixed keys, bolt extractor, spy gauges

• Special bolts

• Feather bushes

• Sleeveless bushings

• Cross ends for bars

• Insulating element

• CDC linkage and equipotential bonding

• Key devices