Title: “Development of human resources through English language and computer science courses, for human resources in the productive industry”


Partners: ELPRECO SA Craiova and the University of Craiova

Duration: 12 months

Location: Craiova, Dolj, South-West Oltenia


The project aims to design and provide English language and computer courses, as well as validate the knowledge acquired for 40 employees in the administrative, sales-export and financial-accounting departments of 2 companies operating in Dolj County, in order to streamline at the internal and external level.


It consists of those employees of SPIACT and ELPRECO who answered the training needs identification questionnaire issued in January-February 2007, resulting in 40 incidents of respondents for the “English” and “Computer Science” course modules.
The 40 students (20 from each company) work in the following departments: administrative (top management and middle management); sales and exports; Financial Accountant.
The choice of these departments was based on the criterion of the imperative use of English and the computer by employees.

PROJECT ACTIVITIES (during the 12 months)

1. Purchase of equipment
2. Selection of trainers
3. Selection of participants
4. Designing and making course materials
5. Running the course
6. Evaluating the course and creating the course file
7. Promotion, monitoring, control and reporting


– 40 employees from SC SPIACT CRAIOVA SA and SC ELPRECO SA companies trained theoretically and practically
– successful exam in English language and computer science courses for the 40 employees
– 2 companies from Dolj county – from which come the 40 employees
– popularizing the project through announcements in the written press – 20 announcements
– organization of the final conference – 50 participants
– course materials in Romanian with both theoretical elements and practical exercises, which will be printed and distributed to course participants – 40 pieces
– materials for promoting the project results – 200 brochures
– printed manuals – 100 pieces
– purchase of equipment for the good development of the project: computers (4), video projector (1), color printer (1), flipchart (1)
– the project website – http://www.phare2005-401.spiact.ro
– graduation certificates – 40 pieces