Project title

PHARE 2005 / 017-533. “Training and development plan for SC SPIACT SA employees regarding the requirements of international quality standards-9001, environment – 14001, occupational health and safety – 18001”

Location: Craiova, Dolj County, South – West Development Region

Partner: SC TÜVKarpat SRL

Project purpose:

The analysis of the needs of the group and the target area shows the increased demand for adapted and flexible workforce to implement the change or improvement of the management system within the railway industry. Many companies in the railway industry are expected to disappear from the market, and the staff employed by these commercial entities will have to readjust to the requirements of the labor market in the field. At present, there is no coherent and correlated measure of the educational offer with the skills required on the labor market.
– The reasons for choosing the target group started from the precarious situation existing in most companies within the railway industry. This has a number of negative and profound implications for the professional capacity of employees:
– the environment is often unsanitary and unsuitable for carrying out the activity in optimal conditions of hygiene and profitability;
– the insecurity of the job stability due to the management of the company more on survival than on quality, eliminates the employee’s responsibility for the job well done;
– the professional training at the lower limit of the competences in the fields of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards regarding the Quality Management System, the Environmental Management System and the Management System for Occupational Health and Safety, implies a great fluctuation at the level of the railway industry. ;
– lack of opportunities for continuous training of qualified staff in the field;
the mismatch between the educational offer and the skills required on the current labor market, as well as those necessary for a developing economy;
employee inertia and resistance to changing practices inappropriate to a dynamic market.

General objectives

Developing the qualifications of the labor force in the field of the railway industry by aligning its competencies with the requirements of quality, environment, safety and occupational safety standards, in order to increase the potential of employees and their professional adaptation to European and labor market requirements;

The specific objective

Training of 160 employees within the company Spiact SA by organizing and conducting 10 training sessions, during 11 months, in the field of International Standards for Quality, Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and by creating and developing a strategy of continuous professional training within the company.


Stage 1. Organizing the team and establishing strategies
The working methodology will consist in ensuring a transparent management for the project partner and towards the financier. Any subsequent modification of the initially planned activities will be carried out with the prior consultation of the partner and will be brought to the attention of the financier. For this purpose, SPIACT SA will ensure the management of the project and will ensure a continuous and efficient communication with the partner and with the authorities and entities directly or indirectly affected by the project activities.
The project management will be performed by the designated staff (project manager, project manager, human resources specialist, quality management manager, project manager) taking into account the latest management techniques that have appeared and which have given positive results in other similar cases. .

Stage 2. Organizing the course modules
The educational approach will take into account the principles of adult education and exponential learning in order to transmit as much knowledge, skills and abilities as possible to the training participants.

Stage 3. Carrying out the 10 training modules regarding the acquisition of the integrated quality management system (quality standards 9001, environment 14001, occupational health and safety – 18001)
The training program in the field of implementing the Management Systems of Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety, in the company SPIACT SA is part of the training-professional specialization of adults and respects the principles of exponential adult education.

The courses will be organized, according to a course curriculum, and will take place as follows:

– 10 training sessions;
– Each session consists of 5 days of training;
– The employees are divided into 8 groups of 20 people each;
– The groups are divided according to responsibilities into three categories: top manager, middle management and operational staff;
– The object of the courses is the 3 Management Systems of Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety – ISO